Hair Testing

It is well known that the quality of your hair is a reflection of what is going on in your body. The healthier your hair, the more nourished your body is. So very much like your skin, your hair acts as a window into the body. A hair sample is sent to an off site laboratory for testing. No needles or blood samples, just a simple hair analysis. All that is needed is a small lock of your hair. Individual hair tests include food and environmental testing, vitamin and mineral testing, heavy metal and toxic element testing and organ stress assessment. When the results are completed and collated into a comprehensive report, you will have a consultation with our naturopath to explain the results and to create a health plan to address any imbalances highlighted in the report. You will also be provided with the comprehensive report to keep.

Food & Environment Sensitivity Assessment

Do you suffer from:
• Eczema/psoriasis
• Hay fever/Sinus
• Rashes/Itchy Skin
• Asthma
• Flatulence
• Migraines/headaches
• Constipation
• Chronic fatigue
• Diarrhoea
• Candida/Thrush
• Irritable bowel
• Excess mucous
• Indigestion
If yes, then you may have a sensitivity to certain
foods. Removing or reducing these foods plus
supplementation to strengthen your gastrointestinal
and immune systems, may markedly decrease or
remove your symptoms. A simple hair test is available
to test how intolerant you may be.

Organ Stress Assessment

The test provides information on the presence of
organ stress and its impact on the functioning of a
healthy individual. A comprehensive profile for each
organ is provided with the hair test results

Vitamin and Mineral Testing

This test provides information on the deficiencies or
excesses of a full range of vitamins, essential
minerals and essential fatty acids in the body. It is
suitable to be used for all ages and is particularly
recommended for individuals on restricted diets or
chronic medication.

Heavy Metal and Toxic Element Assessment

This test provides qualitative information on the
presence of heavy metals and toxic elements in the
body. It is suitable for individuals with a previous or
current exposure to environmental contaminants such
as heavy metals, herbicides, pesticides and toxins.

No needles or blood samples
All that is needed is a small lock of your hair.

$160 for one test Additional tests $90 each